Spikeball: The New Kid On The (Camp) Block

Why Spikeball?

At Spikeball Inc. we pride ourselves on the limitless possibilities for how and where this beautiful game can be played. Skill level, location, and playing surface are merely ingredients in an epic potion of camp fun, creativity, and competition.

When you bring a Spikeball set to your camp you are not just getting rim pieces, leg pieces, a net, balls, and a carry bag. (OK, you are getting that!) But you are also getting a dependable, maintenance-free, creative, and skill-building game that will change the landscape of competition and activities at your camp forever. 

Spikeball is a game that can be played anywhere. Grass, snow, sand, turf - it does not matter! Taking a hike? A swim? Have impatient campers waiting for lunch? Spikeball is the perfect on-the-go, play-anywhere activity that will get your campers hooked. Looking for the next great camp activity? #JoinTheMovement and look no further than Spikeball.


Give Us The Facts!

Our goal is to make implementing this beautiful game into your camp as easy as possible.  The camaraderie, energy, and creativity you will see from your campers when diving for a save learning the game together are tangible, but here's a few tangible facts to make sure you know we have your back here at Spikeball, Inc:

Lifetime warranty. In the unlikely case of a broken set, we'll cover the cost and send you a new piece. Note: our five yellow legs are spring loaded and pop right back into place should a camper land on the set.

Supervision-free. Your already-tired camp staff won't need to do any work aside from watching the campers play. Good luck getting those counselors to sit idly by…they'll jump right into the action!

Low Cost for Camps: $45 (includes: Spikeball set, 1 ball, needle for air pump, directions, carry bag)

Free Curriculum:  Our Community Manager has created curriculum implementation videos to help you bring Spikeball to camp for beginners to advanced players. We will send those to you along with your Spikeball sets as a helpful guide to maximizing Spikeball at your camp.


Counselor gifts. It’s summer’s end, and you’re thinking of ways to say ‘thank you’ to those counselors who have toiled, sweat, and dripped blood to make for a great summer. There’s no better gift they’ll appreciate more than a Spikeball set.

Early Bird Discounts. Stop giving them. Each year camp directors give parents cash discounts on tuition to incentivize early enrollment. Why? It’s the campers who are driving the sale, so why not give them the incentive. And what shouts “incentive!” more than the world’s fastest growing game? That’s right, during the summer Spikeball will increase your retention rates and in the off-season Spikeball will help your camper re-enrollment process. Brilliant. We know. You’re welcome!

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